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We have 18 years of experience.
Enjoy the benefits on a host of services.
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A once in a lifetime experience.
Explore some of the most
beautiful wildlife regions of Africa

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Come & Celebrate the Harvest,
Escape to Wine Country!

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Find the perfect place to relax and be inspired...

Let Us Take You On An Unforgettable Journey.

The sky's the limit. Whether you are a new explorer, a snowbird looking for warmth or an
adventurer nomad, we can help you plan your dream getaway!
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SKYMARK TRAVEL INC. (SMT) is the vision of woman entrepreneur Rinkee Ahmed. She brings over 18 years experience in the travel and tourism industry to her solely owned travel business, in the heart of Scarborough, Ontario.

SMT INC. is affiliated with Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation. Also accredited with Canada Brand to promote Canadian Wineries.

United States

  • For the Adventure Enthusiast
  • Amazing Tours to National Parks
  • Quick Escapes to Beaches and Nightlife
  • Cultures, Cuisine, Landscapes and History
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Culinary & Winery Tours

  • Experience the blend of culture, food and history
  • Visit several local restaurants and meet top Chefs
  • Taste world re-known wines and beers
  • Explore wine tours of regional wineries
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  • For the History Buff
  • A Wealth of Sights, Sounds and Sensations
  • Fashion, Art, Music, Architecture and Design
  • Breathtaking Landscapes
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Central & South America

  • Rainforests, to Volcanos to Sprawling Beaches
  • Salsa, Tango and Samba Your Nights Away
  • One of the Best Music Experience Destinations
  • Rich with Cultural Treasures
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  • For the Lover of Culture and People
  • Enlightening Experience with Spectacular Scenery
  • Travel to the World's Best Wildlife Parks
  • Discover Top Ancient Sites and Early Civilizations
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  • Awaken Your Senses
  • Walk Amongst the Ancient Spirits of the Land
  • A Cuisine Lovers Dream
  • Trek the Iconic Mount Everest
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Why Choose SMT?

  • Proudly Canadian with over 18 years experience in tourism industry
  • We are Ontario Travel and Tourism Accredited
  • We are Canada Brand Accredited to promote Canadian Wineries
  • We specialize in culinary and winery tours
  • We are specialized in Destination Wedding.